Promotional Display Testing.

Retailers often test the relative strength of alternative promotional offers - in particular, the stand-out of, and take-out from communications messages.

A retail client wished to identify which among several propositions would perform best in pure communications terms, but also work in the context of longer-term promotional activity and the core brand strategy.

Reactions to concept materials were initially tested qualitatively using a simulated promotional display, to arrive at two possible variants.

A robust comparison of the impact of the two alternatives required the materials to be shown in the full store context. Simulated displays were set-up in a sample of stores of various sizes and types, with store-types matched for the two variants being compared.

Impact, take-out and image was measured using a series of exit interviews at each of the test stores. Further diagnostic information was gained via accompanied shops with customers recruited on entry to the store, and invited to discuss their reactions to the overall environment and to the specific display.

The results clearly demonstrated the superiority of the chosen platform in communications terms, and in its reinforcement of the retailer's brand positioning.